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my backpackWelcome aboard!  I’m not promising anything too exciting just yet- it’s still three days until I fly out.  Right now I’m busy making sure that I have everything in order for when I leave.  I’ve got my visa, I’ve taken my first anti-Malaria pill (you’re supposed to start a week before you go), and today I got enough contacts to last me for a year.  Now I just have to worry about packing.  When I tell people that I’m only taking a backpack, they usually respond with a look of surpirse and then promptly begin to help me figure out how I can manage to bring a suitcase.  But there’s something exciting about being able to carry on my back everything I need to live.  The line between what I need and what I want is clearer than ever now that I have to fit my life into a bag.  For example, right now I’m reconsidering how much I really need more than two pairs of shoes.  I don’t know where I might go after I leave Auroville, and a suitcase will only weigh me down.  So hikers and sandals it is.

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