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The EcoVoyage

This is now a site in stasis.  I’ll make no more posts or updates until I set out on a new adventure.  When that happens, I’ll write about it again, and share my experiences with all who want to hear them.  My next backpacking journey will probably be in South America- I already have the Lonely Planet for it, so I’m strides ahead of where I was when I set out for India.  Right now, though, I’m roosting in New York and working on a novel called The Narrows that’s coming out in late july.

I may eventually take the stories from this blog and turn them into a novel of their own.  There were so many adventures I had last year that I never even wrote about, so many things I saw and felt and experienced.  If there’s anything here that resonates with you, let me know.  If you have any questions about Auroville or Ecovillages in particular, feel free to e-mail me at maggie.e.craig@gmail.com.  I’m currently writing a thesis on the success of intentional communities, with Auroville as a case study, and another thesis on Urban Ecovillages in the United States.  Enjoy!

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