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Whenever I’m in an incredibly stressful situation or there’s something that I’m afraid to do, I try to remind myself that I can only grow as a person if I experience uncomfortable situations.  I was in the Mumbai airport, about to freak out, and reminding myself of just that. 

They lost my bag.  People kept staring at me.  The uniformed guards sitting at the entrances with machine guns told me to go to the wrong place.  They sent me to the Air India desk, who sent me to the desk of another airline, who said that I should be at the Air India desk.  After this sort of thing happening for a good half hour, I finally had someone tell me that I had to go to a separate airport.  I was at the international Mumbai airport and had to go to the domestic one.  ok.  The guards at this entrance tried to send me someplace else.  “I have to take a rickshaw to the domestic airport,” I told them.  There was a free shuttle that went there, but I could hardly understand the directions they were giving me.  They told me to get in the rickshaw.

Release.  Wonderful, wonderful release.  It was like that moment at the end of a class at Yoga to the People, when I would just lay there on my back after an hour of sweat-wringing exercise.  It felt amazing.  It was two in the morning but the air was still humid.  As soon as the rickshaw switced on its loud little engine and got going, a cool breeze blew my hair off of my face and I started to relax. 

My bag was at the Chennai airport.  It wasn’t easy to get it; I had the same issue of being sent to a million different places just like in Mumbai, but this time I realized that I just had to go with it and accept that it might take a while, but eventually I would get to where I needed to be.  And I did.   I got ripped off incredibly by the rickshaw driver who took me to the bus to Pondicherri, but at that point all I cared about was getting to where I needed to be.  Three hours later and I’d arrived.

That was the day before yesterday.  Now I’m assimilating to life at Auroville.  Unfortunately, such a life is difficult to live without a bicycle or motorcycle because everything’s so spread out.  We get rentals at the Mitra guest house where I’m staying, but I got a flat after a half hour of riding and I’ve been waiting since yesterday to get it fixed.  I’m using one of their computers now, in their Internet cafe, and I’m hogging up all of the time.  So this is it for now.  Hopefully tomorrow I can ride to the shop where they sell converters and I’ll be able to use my laptop.  Then I can write about this sweet farm I’m working at and all of the awesome people that I’ve already met.  And then I’ll have pictures!!


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my backpackWelcome aboard!  I’m not promising anything too exciting just yet- it’s still three days until I fly out.  Right now I’m busy making sure that I have everything in order for when I leave.  I’ve got my visa, I’ve taken my first anti-Malaria pill (you’re supposed to start a week before you go), and today I got enough contacts to last me for a year.  Now I just have to worry about packing.  When I tell people that I’m only taking a backpack, they usually respond with a look of surpirse and then promptly begin to help me figure out how I can manage to bring a suitcase.  But there’s something exciting about being able to carry on my back everything I need to live.  The line between what I need and what I want is clearer than ever now that I have to fit my life into a bag.  For example, right now I’m reconsidering how much I really need more than two pairs of shoes.  I don’t know where I might go after I leave Auroville, and a suitcase will only weigh me down.  So hikers and sandals it is.

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