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Tools of the Trade



I don’t think it’s a good idea to go into anything with set expectations.  I have this picture of Auroville in my mind, mostly fueled by their extensive website and stories I’ve heard from people who have been there.  I know that it will definitely be different from anywhere I’ve ever been, but other than that I’m trying not to think about it.  I’ll see what it’s like when I get there. 

Although I’ll be leaving all expectations at home, I’m still bursting with questions.  I’m going to list the ones that I think are most important, and when I get to Auroville I’m going to set out to finding answers.  With help from my cameras, voice recorder, laptop, and trusty pen and paper, I’ll share what I find with anyone who cares to know.  I have a feeling though that my most important discoveries will have nothing to do with these questions, but it’s still good to have somewhere to start.  If there are any questions that you have about ecovillages, or any things that you think I should explore while I’m in Auroville, or any of my questions that you think are really important, comment on this post and share!

Who has power?  Are decisions made by consensus?  If they are, how do they manage to do this with 2,000 residents?  Are there laws or rules?  Who enforces them?  How do Aurovillians view the decision making process?  Do they think it’s efficient? 

How do people get around?  Is everything they need within walking distance?  If not do they bike or drive? 

What’s the food like?  Is allof it grown at Auroville, and if so, what’s the farming like?

What is the Aurovillians’ relationship to technology?  Do they have computers and TVs?  How much time do they spend using them?

What do they do for a living?

Have most of the residents been born there, or have they moved from somewhere else?  If they moved to Auroville, what motivated them to do so?

What do people do with their free time?  How much free time do they have?

What kind of relationship do Aurovillians have with each other?  How well do they know each other? 

How do Aurovillians view nature and their connection to it?

What role does spirituality play in everyday life?

How do Aurovillians view environmental problems like global warming and pollution?  Do they see their lifestyle as a way to offset these issues?

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