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There are about an even mix of foreigners (mostly Europeans, Americans, Australians) and Indians here, but it’s the amount of foreigners that amaze me. This ashram holds a Hindu temple. It follows the Hindu religion. And yet it is open to people who have no interest in Hinduism whatsoever. It seems as if many people come here for the meditation and spirituality, for the inner silence that we all can reach if we just sit and stop thinking about every little thing.

That’s what I’ve been doing here mostly. You can call it meditation, silence, introspection, relaxation. It’s as if I’ve found something that’s so missing in the goal-oriented West. When your life is always about achieving something or attaining something, how can you ever live in the moment?

There was one exercise in the Meditation Class I took here that really stuck with me. Everyone in the class got up and just walked. We were supposed to focus only on our footsteps, walking slowly at first and then slower and slower and slower. As I focused on how my foot felt when it touched the ground, and then how my calf muscle felt when it slowly pushed away, there was no room in my mind for worry.

I know this sounds incredibly cliché, but since I’ve come here I feel so much lighter. I’ve approached everything here with an open mind and that was the essential first step. I’m still not completely sure what meditation’s all about, but when I sit here on the beach and try to let all stray thoughts slip from my mind just as the waves recede back out to the sea, I kind of get it. I feel how I’m connected to all of the trees and grass and people around me, and it brings peace into the knot in my chest where anxiety usually sits. It’s difficult to explain, because I’m just beginning to think about it in this way. But I’ll keep meditating and I’ll keep trying. For anyone else who’s interested, I recommend the walking meditation. You never know what you can realize about yourself.

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